Kou Aka I Kai ‘Ūpoho

Kou Aka I Kai ‘Ūpoho

Kou Aka I Kai ‘Ūpoho

Kou Aka I Kai ‘Ūpoho

(Your Image in the Resounding Sea)

6th from the series:‘Ike Ho‘omaopopo  by artist:  LeoHone

E Kumu, I hear your voice… sometimes in inner quietude…sometimes floating in the wind… sometimes high above the crashing surf… and I remember your words…

E Kumu, I see your face… in the flickering flame of the torches… in the shadows of the moonlight… and against the timeless rolling of the sea… and I remember your teaching…

And lifting my hands, I dance for you…

When I  in turn am called on to be kumu, your words will speak again – through me… your wisdom will flow once more –  through me… and live…

Anyone who has ever studied to master a discipline understands the everlasting impact of  a wise and revered teacher on a receptive student.

In my own discipline (classical organ), I was privileged to do my advanced studies under the world renowned Dr. H. Hugh Bancroft from England and, for as long as I live, I know I will always see his face and I will always hear his voice.

I recall one admonition from him that has held particular significance for me: “If you only practice what you already know, you are wasting your time; you are impoverished.”  (And inwardly I smile when I find myself in turn echoing his wisdom to my own students.)

This painting, the sixth in the series “‘Ike Ho’omaopopo” (Consciousness)  is yet one more depiction of the skills being passed on from one generation to another so perfectly said in the Hawaiian idiom,“Ola Nä Iwi Me Nä Hana No’eau.”

The real life dancer is my niece, Pua Moefu, and the spirit Kumu Hula is Kapï’olani Ha’o (Hälau Ke Kia‘i A O Hula).

E Haumana, who will carry the torch boldly ahead when my time comes to lay it down?      And who will speak for me when I am no longer with you?

Leohone 2004 

Artist Proofs      39″ x 52″          signed “LeoHone” and numbered 1/75 – 75/75

Edition A          30″ x 40″          signed “LeoHone” and numbered 1/288 -288/288

Edition B          24″ x 32″          signed “LeoHone” and numbered 1/288 -288/288 – SOLD OUT 8/26/2017

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